Q: What do you grow?

A: We grow the most delicious Microgreens in Cleveland!

Q: What is a microgreen?

A: Microgreens are the same plants you already know, only harvested very young! They start off just like any other salad green or vegetable, but they are cut and packaged within 2 weeks of seeding. This makes them tiny, flavor packed, mini-salad greens with up to 40 times the nutrient density of their older counterparts!

Q: How do microgreens taste?

A: Microgreens have a fresh, powerful, flavor that is often more intense and enjoyable than the adult plant. Being flavor filled miniature versions, microgreen broccoli, arugula, pea shoots, and radishes taste the same as the adult veggies you know! Sunflowers have a nutty refreshing sweetness. Amaranth is impressively colorful, has an earthy flavor, and is a showy addition to any dish.

Q: Where are you located?

A: 5401 Hamilton Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44114. Our farm is located in the Hamilton Collaborative building with Ingenuity Cleveland, Rust Belt Riders, and many other up-and-coming Cleveland start-ups! To reach our facility, enter through the gate on Marquette Street!

Q: Are you Organic?

A: We don’t use any herbicides,pesticides, or chemicals in contact with the crop, but do not have an official organic certification. We follow organic practices as guidelines, and only use approved cleaning agents for any tools or surfaces used for harvesting and packaging.

Q: How do you grow the microgreens?

A: We grow all of our crops in Tilth brand compost, made by Rust Belt Riders, mixed with organic peat moss. This soil medium is made in house, utilizing the recycling and reclamation of old food scraps into a new healthy and diverse ecosystem.

Q: Do you have a minimum order?

A: There is no minimum required for any pick up order or local delivery. To place an order go to our market and fill up a cart! For questions about deliveries outside of the Cleveland area, click here!

Q: can i get a tour of the farm?

A: Absolutely! Just reach out to us with the days and times you are available, and we will schedule a tour of the farm as soon as we can! Send us a message!

Q: Do you do one time catering/event orders?

A: Yes we do! Just place and order at our Market page for the date of your event, or ask us any questions directly using our Catering/Events contact and we will reach out to you to finalize the delivery plans.

Q: How are your greens packaged?

A: (See picture below) All of our crops are labeled and packaged by hand, on site, both in boxes and clamshell containers. Each of the 3 sizes of clamshell containers we use are made of plant based PLA plastic and are fully compostable. Our full flat boxes are 11 inches wide by 23 inches long and 10 inches tall.

Get your Microgreens today in either compostable clamshells or by the full flat!

Get your Microgreens today in either compostable clamshells or by the full flat!