The farm

Hello! Lettuce Tree Farms is an urban agriculture company in Cleveland Ohio. Our main focus is growing better food through the design and construction of Hydroponic and Aquaponics systems. Our first farm is currently being updated and expanded with limited production through October 2018. We are being incubated by Rust Belt Riders in their space alongside the Ingenuity Cleveland Hamilton Collaborative. 

Currently just two people, our company has the support of several local partner organizations and we strive to provide sustainable technology solutions to any food related issues. We specialize in biological air filtration, vertical growing systems, and the creation of contained ecosystems.

Come visit us, we would love to talk with you about our process and goals for positive impact agriculture.



Founded almost 4 years ago, Lettuce Tree has always been dedicated to building a sustainable future. Through personally funded prototyping, our test farms have evolved quickly, catching up to and passing leading edge agricultural technologies. Moving forward, we will provide some of the most efficient gardening systems on the market, for both home and business use. Until then, come back here for updates and information on how we are striving every day to build a better tomorrow.